WWE 2K22’s character creation options, explained

WWE 2K22The creation suite allows players to create incredibly detailed custom wrestlers. Create-A-Wrestlers, otherwise known as CAWs, can range from completely original characters to recreations of real wrestlers that look like they may have been created by 2K Games themselves or incorporated into the game. WWE 2K22The crafting tools can open up a whole new layer of in-game fun, especially since they can be used in everything from MyUniverse to even MyGM, although this mode hasn’t been the most popular with fans.

Since the WWE 2K series has had a fairly consistent creative following, there have been years of tips and tricks accumulated by community creators on how to take a TCA at the next level. While these tips can greatly help a first-time CAW creator, it’s important to note that the best way to learn the tools of the creation suite is to simply play around with them. It’s also helpful to have a third-party art program like Photoshop, although it’s not always necessary.

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Lighting matters with face scans in WWE 2K22

The face scanning feature can make a huge difference when it comes to recreating real people in WWE 2K22. Players can upload their face textures to the WWE 2K website and then map them to a CAW’s face. The feature seems deceptively simple, but there are plenty of ways a scanned photo of the face can end up making a CAW worse rather than better. In fact, most of the work for a face scan is done before the photo is even uploaded to the game.

Lighting is the most important thing to look out for, whether players are taking pictures or finding some online to use. If the light on the face is uneven, bright white dots will appear on the face of the CAW, making it look plastic. Likewise, uneven lighting around the edges of the face will make blending with the CAW’s skin nearly impossible. It’s best to do a little photo editing after taking or finding a photo to ensure the best possible quality.

Using a photo-editing program, players have to smudge the edges of the face onto the background. This will create a sort of gradient that will allow the scanned photo of the face to blend perfectly with the skin tone of the CAW. It also allows adjusting the lighting and coloring of the face scan, removing bright or dark spots. Once in game, face scan photos will also be a bit brighter than they are and all bright light points will be intensified.

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Avoid Brightly Colored Clothing in WWE 2K22

A big mistake a lot of early TCA designers make is choosing very bright colors for their wrestler’s clothing and gear. While there are definitely cases where a brighter color works, toning things down with duller colors will help a character’s outfit blend in with the rest of the game. A good tip is to reference some of the items under the WWE category in WWE 2K22the Create-a-Wrestler mode, noting the types of colors they use.

As mentioned, bright colors can work when used correctly. If a piece of wrestling gear is going to be covered in a plastic or metallic material, brighter colors can actually work really well. Even in these situations, they should be used sparingly. Players shouldn’t be afraid to tweak the colors slightly for different sections of a piece of gear, as this can help make things like tights or underpants look more dynamic. It’s important to experiment with colors and materials to really find the right look for a CAW.

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How to Recreate Fictional Characters in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 covered many of the most fantastic CAW pieces from WWE 2K20, which is great news for anyone looking to recreate their favorite fictional characters. There are already some pretty impressive TCAs of fictional characters on WWE 2K22Community creations, although they are not as easy as they seem to build. It takes a lot of tweaking and experimentation to figure out which CAW parts can be combined to achieve a certain look.

Some tips include using the material and mask options for characters that have non-human head shapes. TCA creators tend to lean towards bobblehead options because they can function as effective blank slates on which uploaded images can be placed. If the character needs hair, things tend to get a bit trickier, as many full-coverers can be used with hair. It is also important to have a good command of face morphing tools.

Besides just choosing the right parts, using custom logos can really help bring a fictional character to life in-game. For example, if there’s a particular shirt that would match the character, but it’s missing few fine details, custom logos are the way to go. These can also be used for skin details, such as unique eye patterns or facial markings. However, players should not overlay a character’s entire face onto their CAWs as it will come out heavily distorted.

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