Website builder gives UK businesses best chance to get online

Darwen, Sep 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Darwen, England –

UK-based Get Pixabiz is pleased to announce the launch of its website building service for small and medium-sized businesses. Anyone can order a complete, fully functional and attractive website in just 7 days. Interested parties can contact the company today to take advantage of their £99 introductory price. Prices will increase after the launch period, so we encourage you all to contact us as soon as possible.

This service offers many advantages, perhaps the most notable of which is its affordable rates, which are well below those offered by most design firms. Combined with a fast turnaround, this makes the small business website much more accessible for the average individual or team.

Although a business owner has many options to choose from when he needs a website created for business purposes, there are still some hurdles that can delay or even prevent him from completing this crucial task. For one thing, if they’re considering using a website builder, they might not have the time to invest in building their own website, even if the platform tools are intuitive. On the other hand, while they can have a professional website designed on their behalf, this option tends to be prohibitively expensive, especially if their business is already operating on tight margins (like this). is the case for most small businesses).

Get Pixabiz’s mission is to bring beautiful yet fully functional websites to the small business owner, and its creator seeks to achieve this by making its service much more accessible to everyone. Essentially, they say, the goal is to help businesses get started faster by providing an affordable alternative to conventional designers.

Ismail Ougradar of Get Pixabiz says, “I strive to help these go-getters get their business off the ground by providing them with a low-cost starter website. It doesn’t cost much, so more people can get started. These entrepreneurs will need all the help they can get with the cost of living spiraling out of control. »

Businesses can choose from the selection of website packages available to determine their website’s overall look, function and more. Some, for example, especially start-ups and home-based businesses, may simply need a website that serves to boost their online presence and give customers a way to connect with their team. Get Pixabiz can create multiple pages as well as contact forms that provide visitors with a quick way to get in touch for inquiries, orders and more. Likewise, the company says that many businesses can benefit from creating an SEO-focused website, the sole purpose of which may simply be to help generate leads and sales.

Having worked as a designer for over a decade, Ougradar can quickly create websites that also serve more complex purposes. For example, a booking website can immediately start accepting payments and reservations upon launch, and this feature can also be synced with the customer’s Google calendar (or similar platforms) for added convenience. Alternatively, a business that is in its expansion phase may be ready for a more articulate e-commerce website that displays all of its products, accepts payments, and handles sales at scale.

“I’ve been building websites for over 10 years,” he explains, “and I find it much easier to build a website today than it was 10 years ago. I can create a site in hours rather than weeks when I started. If it takes me hours to build a site, there’s no need to charge small business owners over £1000 for it. I’m not comfortable overloading, so I decided to create a community of websites where small business owners can get a website with all the features they would need at a fraction of the cost charged by web designers. Pixabiz website owners also get a huge benefit of being part of a website community right from the start of their business. Their website becomes part of the community – with higher Google and search engine rankings from day one.

He continues, “I started getting website requests during the pandemic. Since then, Brexit and the current cost of living crisis have forced more and more people to find alternative forms of income. Many have started selling cupcakes and other door-to-door sweets, some have started a service, such as school fees, and others are selling clothes or products they think others would buy.

Ougradar makes it his mission to help people in such situations, and he encourages everyone to use his service to give their business the online boost it deserves. Start here: Cheap website builder.


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