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Metamorphosis is a new online contemporary design platform “which celebrates the art of creation as much as the finished object”. The site launched on November 16 with 50 objects created in partnership with 20 designers and manufacturers from the Netherlands and beyond, including Aldo Bakker, Buro Belèn, Elly Bullley, Destoryers / Builders and BLOC studios, among others. In addition to new commissions and existing items for sale, the online gallery seeks to take visitors on a journey into the world of creation, “showing the history, process and character of each piece.” This includes showing (and selling) prototypes, artist proofs, work in progress and experimental one-offs as well as finished work. For some pieces, viewers can click to view images of the studio, giving a more intimate glimpse into the process of making the work by the designer. Founded by Nadine Snijders, curator and founder of Looiersgracht 60, an exhibition center for art, design and architecture in Amsterdam, the elegantly designed website will also include interviews, conversations and texts.

The platform is structured around selected themes, called “objects in conversation”, the first two being “contemporary archeology” and “blue mythology”. These inaugural exhibitions feature objects that show an underlying relationship to ancient history and heritage, mostly Roman and Greek, and how the designer’s contemporary practice can illuminate the past while providing ideas for the future. ‘Textile Ruins’, the soft textile busts by Spanish designer Sergio Roger that were commissioned especially for the website launch, or ‘Corniche’, by Romy Yedida, a series of works that examines the connection between the architectural element aimed and the female body using molds of her own body taken over a long period of time, are poetic realizations of these themes. Regarding the platform’s unique approach to showcasing design objects with a business purpose, Snijders says: “The focus is as much on the act of creation as it is on the end result, in line with my vision of ‘explore how designers carefully turn one thing into another; hence the name of Metamorphoses.

New items will be added twice a year in addition to new collaborations. A physical exhibition is also planned.

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