How To Get Good Loans – Tricks For High Credit Rating

When you apply for a loan, the bank or lender looks at your credit rating, among other things, to assess the probability that you can repay the loan. See for further editorial

A good credit rating makes it easier for you to get a good loan, but it also simplifies when you want to subscribe and credit card. In this guide we present things that can improve your credit rating. At the end of the article we also clarify what credit worthiness means.

Tricks that increase the chances of a good loan

Tricks that increase the chances of a good loan

Make a credit report on yourself

Order a credit report on yourself from This way, you can find out your current credit rating without affecting it, as well as find simple things you can do to influence your rating.

The benefits of this are several: you can check that all the information in the information is correct, you see if you have a lot of unnecessary and unused credits on you, and when any payment notes disappear.

Terminate unused credits

If it turns out, when you carry out that credit report on yourself, that you have unused credits still on you, you should call the respective lender and terminate them. It can, for example, These include redundant credit cards, subscriptions or paid installment purchases that together result in higher credit usage than is appropriate, which can lead to poorer credit ratings and loan terms.

A credit that is on you – unused as used – means that you have the opportunity to quickly access money through credit, which the banks consider to be risky. Should you not use them, terminate them!

Reduce Loans and Credits – Collect Loans!

Reduce Loans and Credits - Collect Loans!

The credit report also gives you an easy overview of how many credits are on you, who the lenders are and how large the amounts are. Having many scattered loans and credits adversely affects your credit rating. A good solution if you have many loans and credits is to collect them into a large private loan from a single lender. A loan of a larger amount is likely to give you a lower interest rate directly, and as a result, you improve your credit rating as the bank considers that a large loan is significantly better than having several scattered small loans.

Collect Loans Now!

Keep in mind – The bank looks different at what kind of loan / loan situation you have!

  • No loans: A dream customer for the bank, which is often rewarded with good interest rates
  • A larger private loan: The customer seems to have a clean economy, good control and think through before taking a loan.
  • Many different small loans: A sign that the customer likes to take out loans. The bank is worried that the customer will continue to take even more loans even when the bank has granted the loan application, and if the customer can then afford everything.
  • Recently took another loan: Why does the customer suddenly borrow a lot of money? Will they afford it? Will the customer apply for even more loans soon? Need to be examined.
  • SMS loan: The customer seems risky. The easier and more accessible the loan, the more impulsive the customer seems to be. High-risk customer!

Borrowers increase the chance of a good loan

Borrowers increase the chance of a good loan

Do you have a partner or partner with a good credit rating?

Then it may be a good idea to bring him / her as a co-borrower to increase the chances of good loan terms. If one of you loses the job, for example, then hopefully the other one stays. In addition, the ability to pay increases when two incomes instead of one are used to repay the loan.

When you are two people sharing the loan responsibility, the risk is significantly reduced for the bank, which the bank obviously likes. If the bank considers you to be a low risk customer, you will be rewarded with a low interest rate. Therefore, if you can, you should always try to include a co-applicant in your loan application. But be sure to also review your potential co-borrower’s credit rating before doing so.

Mortgage brokers help you find good loans

When you take out loans, it is always worthwhile to compare loan terms and interest rates at several banks and other lenders, just as when comparing prices for other types of products and services. However, as Point 7 points out, it can negatively affect your credit rating by comparing several lenders yourself as everyone takes credit information.

The solution to the problem is called the Palliser family. Only one credit report compares loan terms and offers from over 35 lenders – at no cost. See how it is possible to compare loans with us!

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